12 Stunning Flat Design WordPress Themes For 2015

A good website deserves a good theme and we’ve complied a list of 12 stunning flat design WordPress themes that can give your WordPress website a whole new ultra modern look.

What Is Flat Design?

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, “flat design” is a web design trend that does away with things like shadows, gradients, textures, and any other type of element that makes a website appear three dimensional. Everything looks flat and 2D and this gives a website a modern minimalistic look. In fact, flat design is arguably just another form of minimalist design.

The main elements of flat design consist of the following:

  • Removal of 3D elements like shadows and gradients. Buttons have sharp edges and are usually defined by different colors but have no depth thus making them flat. Although a common criticism is if this is taken too far, users have trouble understanding what is click-able and what is not.
  • Color is important, with bright sharp colors being used with strong contrasts.
  • Typography is another important element, flat design requires good typography because most of the visual elements have been stripped away to leave basic functionality and your content. Drawing attention towards your content, and away from the design itself should always be the aim.
  • Responsiveness. Flat designs also tends to translate better on to different screen sizes which is rapidly increasing in importance, after all, mobile is eating the world. With minimal design elements websites can load faster and resize while still looking good on small high definition screens. Load times are particularly important for mobile.

Flat web design is increasingly popular and that’s probably down to it’s adoption to varying degrees by some very large and well known companies like Apple and Microsoft. Here’s an example of Microsoft’s flat metro design to give you an idea of how all the elements listed above come together.

Now lets look at some themes:

12 Flat Design WordPress Theme.

1. Rebound Theme


Check out Rebound Theme / Demo

2. Alfie Theme


Check out Alfie Theme / Demo

3. Hyper Text Flat Theme


Chech out Hyper Text Theme / Demo

4. Angle Flat Theme


Check out Angle Flat Theme / Demo

5. FlatBox Theme


Check out FlatBox Theme / Demo

6. Metrolium Theme


Check out Metrolium Theme / Demo

7. Hexagonal Theme


Check out Hexagonal Theme / Demo

8. Pivot Theme


Check out Pivot Theme / Demo

9. Rocco Flat Theme


Check out Rocco Flat Theme / Demo

10. Flato One Page Theme


Check out Flato Theme / Demo

11. Shadow Theme


Check out Shadow Theme / Demo

12. The7 Theme


Check out The7 Theme / Demo

Do you have a favorite flat design theme you’d like to share? Comment away.

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