7 Must See Notification Bar Plugins For WordPress


Ever wanted to display a notification bar to your readers? Then this is for you. Below we have selected, installed, and played with a whole range of different WordPress display bar plugins to detail how each one can help you get your readers attention with style.

Check Out Our 7 Must See Notification Bars:

WordPress Notification

wordpress notification bar

WordPress Notification – This plugin provides you with a simple yet attention grabbing notification full of options to suit your individual needs. When you’ve installed this plugin you can adjust the settings to change the color, message, and hyper-linked button to anything you like. Be it an attention grabbing red offering a discount for a product or something that blends in with your sites design with a link to your newsletter landing page. You can even choose if you want the bar to stick to the top of your site or if you want it to follow the scrolling down of your readers.

You can see an example of it in action here:

wordpress notification bar

Download: WordPress Notificaton Bar

Easy Heads Up Bar

easy headsup bar

Easy Heads Up Bar – This plugin provides a similar bar to the WordPress Notification plugin above but with a few key differences in the back-end settings that set it apart.

The first major difference with this notification bar is it allows you to set which pages of your site it displays on. For example if you want it on your home page but not on interior content pages you can choose to just show it on the home page. This also works the other way too, with the ability to just show it on interior content pages and not the home page. You can of course select it to show on all pages if you like.

The second major difference is this plugin allows you to set timers of how long you want the bar to appear on your site with a ‘start date’ which can be set in advance and an ‘end date’ which will automatically remove the bar at a point in the future you choose.

The third major difference is the ability to create multiple bars that will show randomly. Allowing you to automatically display messages at different times between different dates.

You can see an example of it in action here:

easy headsup bar

Download: Easy Heads Up Bar

Quick Notice Bar

quick note bar

Quick Notice Bar – The quick notice bar plugin is one of the most straight forward notice bar plugins because it automatically create a notice bar the second you install it and comes with few options. So if you want something simple that just does the job, this plugin is for you. One noticeable addition to this plugin which the two above lack is the ability to change font size, style, and colour. You can also change the colour of the bar itself much like the two above using Gradient Editor to choose and then copy & paste a new background.

You can see an example of it in action here:

quick notice bar plugin

Download: Quick Notice Bar

Popup To Share

popup to share plugin

Popup To Share – This plugin is totally different from the others so far because it’s designed to show your readers social sharing buttons rather than a simple message. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus buttons will pop-up in a box that forces users to share your content before being able to view it fully. This plugin is also very straight forward, you just put in your social account details and save, then the pop up is live on all content pages. The only downside to this plugin is it will likely increase your bounce rate due to visitors who don’t wish to share your content backing out of your site. Of course this can be minimize if you’re creating exceptional content that people are desperate to read and happy to share with others.

You can see an example of it in action here:

pop up to share

Download: Popup To Share

Hello Bar

hello bar plugin

Hello Bar – The Hello Bar WordPress plugin is very similar to WordPress Notification Plugin we looked at earlier with a few exceptions. The first being that you will have to sign up at the hello bar website to get it to work. Like some of the other bars, hello bar allows you to post any message or announcement with endless colors and fonts to choose from. But what really sets this plugin apart from the others so far is the ability to easily monitor the click through stats for the bar and test different messages.

You can see an example of it in action here:

hello bar

Download: Hello Bar

Viper Bar

viper chill bar plugin

Viper Bar – The viper bar plugin from viper chill is by far the most feature packed of all the general notification bar plugins. You can:

  • Change the appearance by altering the colour, background, transparency, and text colour settings.
  • Embed opt-in forms for email newsletters or your RSS feed.
  • Gather statistics about your forms like number of impressions, form submissions, and opt-in conversions.
  • Set cookies so users can hide the bar once they’ve already seen it. This is a big deal if you choose your bar to scroll down the page with the user, which needless to say, can get very annoying and distracting. You can also choose for the bar to remain sticky at the top of the page.
  • Do split testing to optimize your results with this bar.

You can see an example of it in action here:

viper bar

Download: Viper Bar

News Ticker

news ticker plugin

News Ticker – This notification plugin is different from all the others above because it provides an animated banner. It can display Images, excerpts, dates and titles of posts that can slide and fade away to give way for the next one. This news ticker can be embedded anywhere in your header, highlighting your most recent, popular, or specific posts using post ID’s. You can set any number of posts to display in the ticker stream and you can put it anywhere in your header.

Unfortunately we couldn’t show you a live example of it working on Blogington because we simply do not have room available in our header for it. This may also be true for you, so make sure to pick a WordPress theme that will work well with it.

Download: News Ticker

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