Definitive Guide To Setting Up A WordPress Blog: Adding Plugins & Themes

WordPress blog setup series: adding plugins & themes


This is part Three of the complete guide to setting up a WordPress based blog for beginners. Since we know how daunting this task can be for anyone new to blogging or WordPress we have broken down the process into a number of easy posts. Each post is a self contain stage so you can have a break between each stage if needed.

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Table of Content

Domains & Hosting

  • Buying a domain
  • Buying hosting
  • Pointing your domain name to your hosting account

Installing WordPress & Configuring Settings

  • Installing WordPress
  • Configuring blog settings


  • Installing Plugins
  • Installing Themes

Adding Content

  • Posts & pages
  • Media manager
  • Recommended plugins


  • Adding Google analytics to WordPress
  • Other analytic solutions for WordPress

Step 6: Adding Plugins

WordPress plugins are add-ons that can give your blog added functionality. You can find a plugin for just about anything feature you could imagine in the WordPress plugin directory. All you have to do is download the ones you want.

Pugin directory

How to add plugins:

First, log into your WordPress admin area at if you’re not already logged in. Then go to the plugins menu and click on ‘add new’.

add plugins

You’ll then be taken to a page with different options such as ‘upload’ or ‘search’ for plugins. If you’ve already downloaded the zipped plugins on to your computer. Click on ‘upload’. If you don’t already have the plugins you wish to upload, you’ll need to search and download them.

upload plugin

After clicking ‘upload’. Browse your files and select the plugin you wish to upload. Then click the ‘install now’ button. The plugin should only take a few seconds to upload.

install plugin

Choose if you wish to activate the plugin. If you decide not to activate, the plugin will simply remain inactive in your plugins directory. All that’s left to do now is configure the settings for each individual plugin. (If setting up is required)

activiate plugin

Congratulations you have now installed your first WordPress plugin.

Step 7: Adding A Theme

Now it time to add a theme or template to give your site a new look. You can find thousands of free WordPress themes at the WordPress theme directory or thousands of premiums themes at the largest theme marketplace Theme Forest.

How to add a theme.

Login into in your WordPress admin area if you’re not already logged in and go to appearance>themes.

wordpress themes

You should now be on a page called ‘manage themes’ where you should see a button at the top of the page called ‘install themes’.

manage themes

After clicking ‘install themes’ click on the on the ‘upload’ button at the top of the page.

upload theme

Browse your computer files and find the theme file you’ve already downloaded. Then click the ‘install now’ button.

install themes

After a few seconds, the theme should have uploaded and all that’s left to do is activate it. Now your new theme will be live!

activate theme

Congratulations you have now installed your first WordPress Theme. Now it’s time to move onto the next stage and start adding content to your blog. All of which we will cover in part four of our series.

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